Literacy & Numeracy Diagnostic Exercises

The MSC require candidates to complete literacy and numeracy diagnostic exercises as part of the interview process. These exercises should not be considered 'tests'. They form part of our provider assurance process to diagnose and then indicate potential areas for development in relation to candidate's literacy and numeracy skills.
The literacy exercise requires to you respond to an email from a parent. This can be handwritten, or word processed. The skills we are diagnosing are as follows:
Ability to: 

Demonstrate a range of sentence constructions and punctuation in written work 

Use Standard English grammar in written work.  

Spell common and everyday words that a professional would be expected to know 

Ensure written work conveys meaning clearly, coherently and effectively using appropriate detail and length 

Use a range of organisational devices in written work, ensuring the text is coherent and cohesive 

Use legible and clear writing appropriate to the situation and audience 

The maths exercise consists of 19 calculation questions. You are able to use a calculator in order to complete these. The skills we are diagnosing are as follows:
Ability to: 

Describe simple mathematical relationships between two variables.  

Analyse data in a table and draw conclusions from the information provided.  

Make sense of statistics and graphs in the news, in academic reports and relevant papers.  

Calculate using whole and decimal numbers.  

Make changes to an existing mathematical formula to carry out calculations  

Work out percentages of amounts, express one amount as a percentage of another and calculate percentage change  

Solve mathematical problems by breaking them down into a series of simpler steps and selecting appropriate operations.  

Make general estimates of calculations to be able to judge the reasonableness of an answer.  

Know how to use a variety of strategies when counting, measuring or estimating  

Calculate using units of time  

Both exercises should take no longer than 1 hour to complete. However, there is no time limit. The submitted exercises will be reviewed by a member of the MSC team. Any development points identified will be communicated to candidates as part of the interview feedback, along with any associated actions that are required.