Salaried Routes

The MSC is registered to train and offer the apprenticeship route. This will mostly happen when a partnership school approaches the MSC with a candidate in place. For example, a graduate Teaching Assistant currently working at that school wishing to ‘up skill’ to a teacher.

An apprenticeship training route works in the same manner as a salaried route (below). If successful the trainees are awarded QTS on 1st July in the training year but will continue to be ‘apprentices’ until an End Point Assessment is undertaken in the following September by an external body. Schools are able to use their apprenticeship levy funding to pay the trainees’ fees and the schools may also receive a salary grant to support the trainees’ salaries in certain subjects. 

The MSC and apprenticeships

  1. The MSC (Crispin School) are registered as apprenticeship providers for initial teacher training.
  2. We can offer this route to schools for most secondary subjects.
  3. The training course would run as our current programme does with the 20% ‘off the job training’ being timetabled on Tuesdays. Professional Training would be at Crispin School in Street on those Tuesdays. We would not expect apprentices to teach more than 13 hours per week in their first three terms.
  4. Apprentices would need to do a second school placement of at least 4 weeks (January of term 2). We do not provide cover for schools for the trainee’s absence.
  5. The MSC would draw down the £9000 fees this would cover, QTS and the end point assessment for the apprenticeship. Schools would be paid for eligible costs e.g. the cost of mentoring outside of teaching hours.
  6. PGCE is not included. An additional cost of £900 would be payable by the trainee to study for this qualification.
  7. The apprentice would be required to complete the apprenticeship end point assessment in the fourth term. If the apprentice does not complete the apprenticeship and end point assessment the employing school is liable for costs amounting to £1800.
  8. The training course will run for 4 terms (1st Sept through to at least second week in Sept of following AY when the end point assessment would take place). Apprentices need to be paid on at least point 1 of the unqualified teachers’ scale whilst training. Apprentices, if successful meeting the teachers’ standards, would receive QTS on July 1st in term 3. After this point they would have QTS and would need to be paid on the Qualified Teachers’ Scale.
  9. There is a salary grant (contribution to cost of salary to the employing school from the DfE) for the following subjects,  £15,000 for chemistry, computing, maths and physics trainees and  £1,000 for languages trainees.


Please contact us directly to discuss options for salaried routes.

 Course title: School Direct Salaried

Course Fees: Nil

Bursary Entitlement: Not Applicable

Duration: 1st September-30th June

School Placement Location: Central Somerset

Lead school/Alliance: Crispin School Direct Alliance

Training Provider: Mid Somerset Consortium

For all of the above places the MSC is the training provider. Every trainee will visit the MSC on Tuesdays for professional training.

This year places are unlimited in most subjects. Shortage subjects are likely to recruit until the end of July. However, some subjects may close earlier, such as PE, History and Drama. This is because application rate will be higher and the requirement for these subjects is nationally reduced. We recommend early application for all subjects.

Benefits for applying early

  • More school availability, this may mean the school is closer to home for you.
  • Time to complete a SKE if required.
  • Adequate time for pre-course prep and induction.