Support for trainees

Successful applicants will be invited to initial interview at the MSC Training Centre and shortlisting will take place. Those candidates shortlisted will be offered a second interview which is school-based and subject specific to match the candidate with an appropriate department for training. Candidates will be required to work with pupils during this interview. This process has always enabled a "best fit" for the school, department and trainee, resulting in the best possible outcomes. 

Trainees are assigned a subject mentor in the home school. The mentor is responsible for the day to day support and guidance of the trainee. A weekly meeting is used to review a trainee’s progress and set targets for the upcoming week. The mentor will report on the trainee’s progress throughout the course and is responsible for assessing the trainee’s progress at the end of the course. Final assessment judgements are verified by an external examiner appointed by MSC.

The school will appoint an ITTcoordinator (ITTc) within school to support the trainee. The ITTc will normally have responsibility for overseeing all training placements within the school. The ITTc will have fortnightly meetings with the trainee for general support and will meet with the trainee formally before progression point 1 and 2 to review progress and assess the trainee’s attainment thus far. The ITTc will make periodic observations of the trainee’s teaching.

MSC staff have many years of experience working with trainees and schools.

MSC staff have many years of experience working with trainees and schools. They are available to offer support and advice to trainees and schools throughout the course. MSC staff can be contacted by e-mail or phone and appointments can be made for one to one meetings.

Workshops are arranged through-out the course to support trainees writing at M level these include input from Bath Spa University staff.





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** A Visiting Tutor will be allocated for any Trainee who is in a new to the MSC School or a new department.