Looking After You

Training to teach can present a number of challenges and taking care of your mental, emotional and physical well-being is of great importance. This page contains advice and guidance on how to manage your well-being, focussing on areas that are commonly cited as causes of stress and anxiety in the training year.

Keep your energy sharp and focus high Saying 'NO' - learning how and when Perfectionism in perspective

This fact sheets gives you top tips from 'Every Teacher Matters' (Kathryn Lovewell) for keeping your energy and focus high throughout your teaching day.

This fact sheet gives you information, advice and guidance for saying 'no'. It is not easy and will take a lot of practice but is vital to ensure you manage your energy level and workload appropriately. 

Trainee and qualified teachers often score highly on measures of perfectionism. This can often be unhelpful and can contribute towards feeling of stress and unmanageable workload. This link takes you to a series of self-help resources produced by the Centre for Clinical Interventions. These are designed to help you understand what is helpful/unhelpful about being a perfectionist as well as helping you pursue healthy high standards rather than being overwhelmed and debilitated by them. 

Handling Stress Teacher Toolkit Top Tips Mindfulness resources
This booklet published by the Education Support Partnership gives useful ideas and strategies for managing stress in your teaching career Along with a range of resources and ideas for parents, teachers and students, @teacher tooklit often posts useful strategies for managing workload and maximising resilience. Check back for links to the most useful posts and articles on these topics. Mindful awareness practices can help teachers recognise and regulate emotional reactivity in their classrooms as well as reduce stress. Click here for resources that give guidance on how you can engage with and learn mindfulness techniques.
Time Management for Teachers
This useful resource contains information on how to overcome barriers to your work-life balance.