Course structure


Trainees enrolled on a teacher training course with the MSC have  induction activities in July before the start of the course in September. The aim of this induction is threefold

  • To ensure that trainees are familiar with the structure and requirements of the course, meet other trainee teachers and MSC staff
  • To enable trainees to spend two days in their Home schools with their mentors; this time is used for trainees to familiarise themselves with school policies and procedures, meet staff and talk about their timetables and classes
  • To introduce trainees to the pre-course assignments which aim to familiarise trainees with essential aspects of pedagogy

Teaching Placements

All trainees will have their main teaching placement in a home school. Trainees are based in school all day Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesdays are professional training days which are either full day training or afternoons. The course runs from September 1st to June 30th.

At school trainees build up to a maximum 55% of a full timetable over the first term (11-13 hours). There is additional time allocated for: planning, preparation and assessment; meetings with their mentor and ITT coordinator; observation of other teachers; preparation of their professional development file; school based tasks and evaluation and reflection.

A second school placement of at least 6 weeks (4 weeks for Self-Funded trainees) is arranged in the term after Christmas. This must be a complementary school setting so that the trainee experiences different educational contexts e.g. the trainee’s home school may be a rural 11-16 maintained school and his/her complementary school a 11-18 maintained school serving a large town. 


Trainees will be observed regularly by their mentors and ITT coordinators in school. Throughout the teaching placements trainees need to track their progress through these observations and complete other tasks which generate evidence to prove their competence against the Teachers' Standards. The trainees' evidence and observations will be moderated by mentors at set points in the year; a final assessment of the trainees’ practice occurs in the final term.

Two assignments are supported and assessed by PGCE tutors. These are submitted at M level; successful completion of these to the required standard results in the award of Post Graduate Certificate in Education with up to 60 M level credits.

Professional training

Professional training normally occurs on Tuesdays either for the full day or afternoon. The programme is designed to introduce trainees to the different aspects of pedagogy. Training takes place either at Crispin School or in one of our partnership schools. There are also opportunities to visit other partnership schools, a primary school, special school and PRU.